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About Us

Our Quality Commitment:


We are committed to quality, and prior to entering into a work agreement, there are a few items and policies that you should be aware of to ensure that working with Sinister Arms is right for you. Our goal is to be forthright and honest, and know that when we enter into an agreement together, all parties are well aware of the undertaking and requirements necessary to produce a quality product that you will be happy with for a long, long time.



  • Sinister Arms is not my "hobby". It is also not my full-time employment. It is not a means to survive and pay bills, so we do not rush through jobs just to make a buck. All profits are re-invested into our company or to support our additction to firearms. Sinister Arms is my passion, and one I take much pride in. It is my name, and I hope something that shows just how much I believe in gunsmithing, quality, and unique products that my clients and friends can be proud in as well. It is something that myself, and my family, truly believe in and take pride in. 

  • Sinister Arms is a small company, solely run by myself, my son and my friend William, and fully supported in by my wife, family and friends. This means I do not hire out, farm out, or ask anyone else to work on jobs just so they are done quickly. I only bring in outside experts when it fits the job we are hired to complete. This means that I must schedule, adjust, and determine how and what I work on each day. It also means that if something happens to hold up or stall my anticipated timeline, everything else is affected and may (or probably) will get pushed back a bit. This is necessary to ensure that all work done at Sinister Arms is to the quality and precision that I expect and my clients have come to expect. Quality control is our pride, and what sets us apart from others. It is why many of our customers return time and again, and are willing to wait for.

  • I am otherwise employed during the weekday, however, leave a voicemail, text or email and we will get back to you. We will make every effort to return any messages that are left within a few days (please be detailed, we cannot assume information if it is not left!) . The hours dedicated to Sinister Arms are after business hours, and weekends. Therefore, we are hard to get a hold of much of the time. This in no way represents that we don't care about your job or your gun. We do, and we care about all our other clients as well, which means you may be on a list to contact and we will do our best to return your communication in a timely fashion. 

  • All work is guaranteed. This means that if a job is not to the supreme quality that you expect, it will be redone at no cost to you. This also means that it may add time to the job, and extend the deadline. It is not our intention to rush through a job solely to meet an agreed upon deadline, or to collect a fee. We will make every effort to communicate with you on our progress, but will also extend a deadline if we feel the work is not up to our expectations and quality. We hope that you understand our belief, and accept this policy as the best and worth waiting for.

  • Payment for services is only accepted once the work is complete and accepted by you. We do not take payment ahead of time, as we don't want you to think we are ignoring your job just because we already have the payment. We also do not want you, or any of our other clients, to think your job was pushed ahead of the queue just because we received payment ahead of time. Again, we are all about quality, honesty, and respect.

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