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In addition to custom rifles and gunsmithing, Sinister Arms is in the process of creating and/or modifying several products.

Custom Trailer Hitch

Custom trailer hitch mounted barrel vise for switch barrel guns. Easily allows barrel swaps on your rifle at the range.


Modifications for the Sinclair Gen2 and Gen3 bipods

Custom bipod strut bars to eliminate vertical stringing.

Solid brass CNC turned projectiles

We have started manufacturing 50 caliber bullets with other calibers soon to follow.

Custom Actions

We will soon be offering our own line of custom actions.

Kepplinger Set Trigger Modification

We are offering the Kepplinger set trigger modification. Gives you a trigger with 2 different pull weights at the same time

Armalite AR-50 DTC Rifles

We will soon be offering DTC conversions for the Armalite AR-50. 

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