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Steve Lane

Orange County, CA

"I recently took delivery of the rifle built from the ground up by you. I could not be more pleased with the quality or the aesthetics of the rifle. The rifle's components are top shelf and your machining is simply flawless. I appreciate the time you spent with me during each decision that had to be made from order to final completion. Further, during component acquisition and build periods, you constantly maintained contact and provided status updates. Unlike many other gun-builders I have purchased from over the years, working with you through the process was smooth and comfortable. At this point, my only problem is deciding whether to shoot it or frame it - it's that stunning"
--S. Lane, April 16, 2013

Jason Zamora

Sylmar, CA

I met Matt some time back when I started shooting the Desert Marksman 1000 yard prone matches. I was impressed by the rifles Matt had built for others competing. I had a rifle in a 6.5 Creedmoor that was built by another gunsmith. I was never happy with the finished product or performance from the beginning. I went to Matt to have him rebuild it for me. Matt took the time to go over the rifle, and all his recommendations to get it to his level of quality. I was very impressed with Matt's meticulous attention to detail and quality. He truly stands behind all his products. All said and done, Matt gave me a superb rifle in both aesthetics and performance. As a competition shooter himself, he understands the needs of the shooter and built a rifle he would be proud to shoot himself. He also helped me fine tune my load for the rifle.


I am extremely happy with the rifle and am looking forward to the next build!


J.Zamora, Sept, 20125  

Mick Cassidy

Riverside County

I met Matt several years ago at a match after scoring the very lowest score possible using a gun  I had bought and paid a great deal for out of a company in Georgia that promised their guns to be 1 MOA at 1000 yds. Well, I discovered I got ripped off! I gave the rifle to Matt, and he went through it and found some alarming  issues. I decided that I wanted something better than this Georgia based place had taken me for.  I decided on a 300 WinMag.  Matt suggested I go with a Bat action, a Kreiger barrel, and an XLR stock. I waited patiently, and the day came when I got the gun and it looked great. After experimenting which load it liked best, I began to get used to it, and several months later my position in the competitions  began to go from  last  to 4th or 5th place  to now I'm usually in the top 3.  Matt knows his stuff. While he may not be "Billy the kid" in terms of speed and production the gun shoots amazing, always repeats, and his prices are very reasonable compared to the  "deal" I got  from Georgia that was basically a pile of junk. I was so pleased, I  had Matt build another rifle the same as my 300 WinMag, except in 7MM. I'm looking forward  to improving my scores even further with this version.

Kevin Harris

Mira Loma, CA

I want to thank you for the superb work and craftsmanship you did on my rifles. From the beginning of each build to the end, you communicated with me fully to make sure what I was receiving is what I wanted and let me know how the build was progressing . After I received my first rifle, the 6 Dasher, and took it to it's first match and it placed first with a clean score on a MOA steel match, I knew I wanted you to build me a 284 shehane. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Shehane with the fit and finish of the stock work you did from the bedding and pillar job to the clearcoat of the stock, it looked awsome and shoots even better, 12shots fire form brass into .490 moa hole and 10 of those into a .125 moa hole. You do each build as if it were your own rifle. Thanks again.
A grateful customer,
Kevin Harris

Dan Harris

Trabuco Canyon, CA

I have had a couple of rifles built by Sinister Arms, and they have put me in the winner's circle at our local matches.  Every time I receive a new rifle from Matt, I am amazed at the quality of workmanship and care that goes into everyone of his builds. Matt won't deliver the rifle until he is certain it's a shooter.  I never go into a match worrying if my rifle will shoot, if I am not in the top spots, it's shooter error.  In my opinion, Sinister Arms is the best smith for quality builds.

Dana Thompson

Thousand Oaks, CA

I may be Matt's wife, but I'm also his biggest critic and biggest supporter. Matt has the passion and drive to create excellence, and I have not only been fortunate to shoot his custom rifles, but to see so many others do well in various competitions using guns he has worked on. He delivers every time!

Charlie Holguin

Newbury Park, CA

Matt is da bomb! And my hero...

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