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Special Thank You

Charlie and Matt met several years ago when their shops were across the parking lot. As gun lovers often do, they began chatting. Their conversations quickly started to focus on 'how can we get Sinister Arms' name out there', and Charlie has been instrumental in accomplishing this task. He has a great business mind, and a passion for guns that has helped make Sinister Arms what it is today. He has the vision we need to continue on the path we are on. His investments in both time and money are greatly appreciated, and we are fortunate to have crossed paths!

We are fortunate enough to work for a company during our day job that understands passion, quality, and loves guns as much as we do. They support our endeavors, and have been instrumental in getting Sinister Arms off the ground. We can't show our appreciation enough for all of CHE's support.

Steve donated his talent and expertise to create the stunning images you see throughout this site, and especially in our Galleries. He has captured the beauty of each and every one of the rifles you see, as well as the quality of our shop and equipment. We are very grateful for Steve's eye for capturing the story of Sinister Arms in his photos, and for his time and dedication to making this site visually appealing and accurate. 

Jim is also a talented photographer, and dontated time in his studio with Steve to create our quality photos. The time and effort he put into this project was phenominal. His eye for layout and design was superb. We highly recommend Jim. He was easy going and a pleasure to work with.

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