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Price List

Hourly Rates
  • Minimum charge: $50

  • Shop labor: $65 per hour

  • Machine time: $90 per hour

  • Builds based on 'what you read' on Snipers Hide forums: $250 per hour


Custom Rifle Building:
  • All new barrels are slugged and then held to .0001" TIR in our custom modified lathe.

  • Cut and crown Barrel: $95

  • Blue print receiver: $200

  • Fit and chamber new barrel to receiver: $450

  • Pillar bedding: $250


Muzzle Breaks
  • Thread barrel and re-crown for new muzzle break: starting at $100


Custom Handloads
  • We offer load development services for rifles and pistols. Prices determined by cartridge and quantity.


Coatings and Polishing
  • 320 grit polish included on all rifle builds.

  • Barrel and action Cerakoting available at additional cost.

  • Hand polishing: price varies by job

  • Centrifugal polishing: $50 minimum

  • Barrel bead blasting: $70


  • Click here to view our current list of reamers.

  • Custom reamer charge: $150


Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us for a personalized quote!



Please Note: All rifle builds that have chamber work, action truing, and either the bedding performed or inspected with approval by Sinister Arms will receive our seal engraved on the barrel. If a customer wishes it not to be done, then it must be specified during the beginning of the build.


Furthermore, all factory components removed and replaced during the build will be maintained by Sinister Arms unless the customer specifies otherwise.


A Change Order is possible. This is when a modification to the original agreed work is requested after work has begun. If we are able to make the Change Order with no problem, we'll do so. However, if we've already moved past the item or work you want to change, we will return and revise it, but work already completed will be billed along with any additional fees to make the alteration. This can, and often will, extend the anticipated completion date. 


Sinister Arms wants to complete the project to your satisfaction. If you change your mind through a project, and elect to take your project elsewhere, we will respect your choice and your property and return it to you with no hard feelings. However, if we've already started on your project, you will be billed for the work completed and payment is due prior to returning your parts. 


Forums: We know and understand that many get their information and follow online forums. We respectfully ask that you refrain from using these forums to get information regarding Sinister Arms. Forums are not necessarily fact-checked or verified, and much of the information is not accurate. We pride ourself on our work and our customer's satisfaction, so we spend our time and efforts working for our customers, not monitoring the forums. We will not engage with someone posting on forums behind an annonymous username. If you have questions about Sinister Arms, contact us and we will be happy to talk with you! 


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